New JXC Street Art In Leake Street

Earlier on today as we passed through Leake Street, London’s most prominent legal painting walls and were delighted to find a work from the exceptionally talented artist JXC still up and unmolested since its creation on Friday. Creating an incredible hyper-realistic grey-scale portrait of a male subject covered in a mass of tattoos, several of which say “JXC”. The level of detail is absorbing with this wok and certainly the most impressive work we have thus far seen in Leake Street this year.

As is always the case with any great works you catch in Leake Street, one feels a little sad to think that such time and effort will result in such a short-lived presence for the piece, adversely it makes you feel even more fortunate to have been able to catch the piece in its intended glory before it rapidly disappears. However in this instance, surprisingly as of today this work was still very much intact and going strong after three days. So for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to see this work in the flesh, whether you are local or not, we hope you enjoy the snaps we got of the work below.






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