New Airborne Mark Street Art “From Camden With (throw away) Love” In Camden Town

Following on from Airborne Mark’s recent wave of Origami Emoji based pieces around London (covered here), the artist was back out in Camden Town last Saturday to add the sixth and newest work in the series of works based upon Emoji’s from social media platforms, placed upon scrunched up paper, allowing Airborne Mark the chance to work his case studies in light and shadow through his favoured paper platforms, which is certainly an interesting take on an element of our current digital dependency and something offering. On this occasion the work entitled ‘From Camden With (throw away) Love’ depicts the distinct emoji face accompanied by a heart, demonstrating this particular artists love of Camden and at the same time how fragile such a feeling can be.


Airborne Mark at work.


Airborne Mark at work.


Airborne Mark at work.


The finished work.






You can see some of this wall being constructed in Airborne Mark’s video of A Day In A Lyfe Of Origami Rascal.

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