New Lovepusher Graffiti ‘Infinite Intelligence Illuminates’ In Brixton

Yesterday saw 3D Graffiti Writer Lovepusher, who has been quite prolific around London of late, out in Brixton to paint his latest work entitled ‘Infinite Intelligence Illuminates’ on the hoardings outside the former Brixton Bloc and adjacent the Stockwell Skate Park. We don’t generally focus on Graffiti as much, however for us here Lovepusher is certainly one of the most impressive Graffiti Writers at work the world over. Having began painting in 1995 and since then transitioning from painting a more traditional urban form of typography to his current futuristic 3D creations. In the process developing his own glowing style of painting using light, shade and perspective in order to make his works pop off the walls on which they adorn. This piece as ever is simply stunning, and the trademark ‘Lovepusher Glow’ is certainly in full force, bringing life to this work. What is most striking about this particular piece is the how the left hand side of the work presents the letters as if bursting off of the surface and the right hand side of the work flowing back in to the hoardings upon which it adorns.









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