New Alo Street Art In Brick Lane

Last week saw the return of Italian born, but London based, Street Artist Alo, who placed up his first two London works of 2016 in Hanbury Street Brick Lane. A regular and at times prolific contributor to London’s Street Art scene, Alo’s works are always of interest, very much crafting a style that is very much his own. A self-taught artist, Alo sets to present his form of what he refers to as “Urban Expressionism”, drawing his influences from the artistic movements that were prevalent just prior to the Second World War, Alo’s works see hints of Cubist dynamics, as well African art and German Expressionism.

In his work Alo present a wide range of emotions with his pixel based portraits, which though minimalist, are yet so full of power, often conveying a sense of loss, unrequited love, anger or even despair. The bright and predominantly primary colours used in his backgrounds are what define the emotional expression of each individual portrait. It is through these forms of design that Alo engages his audience, with works that though often small in scale, speak volumes. What’s most of note about these two pieces is that while they are both undeniably and instantly recognizable as being work from Alo, he has also taken his time away to slightly change the presentation of his portrait subjects, nicely showcasing how in just a piece or two, his work continues to evolve.








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