MOBSTR Plays Noughts & Crosses In Hackney Road

Admittedly we don’t have much in the way of images to share with you on this post, however this Street Art piece represents one of the more unique and certainly one of the most fun works we here at London Calling Blog have yet to encounter in London. The work in question is by Mobstr, an artist who works with a combination of stencils and sarcastic comments set to challenge the manor in which people engage with and view public spaces. Mobstr’s interventions may take the form of feuds with the local authorities or seizing control of advertising spaces, but are always fueled by a cheeky sense of humour that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of even the biggest of Street Art cynics.

For his latest intervention Mobstr took to the rail arches beneath Hackney Road at the junction with Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green and couldn’t resist the opportunity to make the most of the nine square grid that remains due to the preexisting billboard space being removed. Utilizing this space Mobstr decided to bring a friend along and set to play a game of noughts and crosses, a game which resulted in a draw, and while in terms of the game there may have been no winners, it has to be said than when it comes to Mobstr’s interventions and running feuds he is very much always the only winner.




One comment on “MOBSTR Plays Noughts & Crosses In Hackney Road

  1. # I highly rate Mobstr… As you say how can you not smile at his artwork!!! A true street hero and how can one ever get cross with him.. Nought much more to say apart from always game for a laugh #

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