New Ador Street Art In Brick Lane

Last Thursday we here at London Calling Blog we delighted to find out that French Street Artist Ador was back in London, having most recently visited last November with fellow French Street Artist and frequent collaborator Semor, and took the time on his flyby visit to hit up one of his delightful fun-filled works in Pedley Street, off of Brick Lane.

Ador’s work is defined by an interesting juxtaposition between characters and accompanying objects, fused with elements including current events and topical subjects, set to depict a blend between serious scenarios and distortion through satire. Through his work he sets to provide his audience with the means to interpret his work in their own way, through his depiction of stories and proposing questions.

For his latest London piece Ador has created a typically surreal scene seemingly mocking the dependency on a supermarket lifestyle in modern culture, with his trademark character hunting a carrot in a shopping trolley with bow and arrow. A great piece from an artist who we very much like and never fails in bringing a smile to our face when viewing his creative and crazy works.

You can view our post on Ador’s last visit to London with Semor in November 2015 in our post (covered here).







One comment on “New Ador Street Art In Brick Lane

  1. When I snapped this Ador on Saturday, lots of paper butterflies had been added flowing from the mouth to the carrot (I think by sell out). Nice touched that worked well…. (I don’t know how to add the snap on the comment!!) Always nice seeing funny artwork on the streets..

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