New Autone & Itaewon Street Art Collaborations In London

Over the last few weeks, Street Artists Autone and Itaewon have began to work on a series of collaboration pieces around London and in the process left a trio of beautiful flowing creations that are just fantastic. Working to differenr colour palettes this pairs work really compliment eachothers distinct styling and fuses into an absorbing array of broken down abstract creations that one really can lose themselves in.


Autone at work in Camden Town.


Itaewon at work in Camden Town.


Itaewon & Autone at work in Camden Town.


The beautiful finished work in Harmood Street, Camden Town. This work superbly blends with its natural environment taking the shape of the architectural structure it adorns in shape and colour tones. whilst maintaining the integrity of each artists individual creative stylings. This work was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.







Of the latest few works by this pair, this is certainly our favourite. Placed up in King John Court, Shoreditch, the soft pastel colours in this work are just stunning. For this work the artists set to create a series of four works framed by the white borders, so that the work is viewable as a whole cohesive piece, yet designed as if a series of 4 individual pieces on display in a very typical gallery setting.  





The latest creation placed up this last Sunday and on this occasion part of a collaboration with Peruvian born, but London based, duo Kapese and Bismer who have added their Graffiti influenced characters and scenery to Autone’s & Itaewon’s soft colourful works, which permeate around the work from Kapese and Bismer. This work was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.




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