New Snub23 Street Art In Camden Town

Last Saturday whilst on our travels about town we were delighted to see Snub23 at work in Camden Town adding the freshest piece to the feature wall in Stucley Place. It was a real pleasure to see Snub23 who resides in Brighton, and if you are UK based and a fan of Snub’s work you really have to vist Brighton, painting in London – something we would like to see more frequently.

For this work in Camden Town Snub23 worked with a combination of stencil techniques for the industrial block background and freehand techniques for his main character and fiery additions. Snub’s feature character ‘Mongrel’, from the ABC Warriors – from the comic strip 2000ad takes centre stage seemingly bursting through the wall in a scene of hellfire tearing apart the almost mechanic links that form rest of his work, setting to really add a sense of depth and chaos to this wall. This work was put up with support from The Hidden Streets Of London and Monoprixx and adorns the wall of Nemesis Tattoos in Stucley Place, Camden.


Snub23 at work on his excellent 3D stencil fills.


Snub23 at work on his excellent 3D stencil fills.


The great finished piece, with a trademark Snub23 character just bursting from the wall amid a trail of destruction.





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