New Marina Zumi Street Art In London

Over the last week in London, we have been fortunate enough to receive a visit from Argentinian born, but Brazilian based, Street Artist Marina Zumi, who was in town ahead of her part in the ‘XX: A Moment In Time’group show at the Saatchi Gallery. Whilst over Marina Zumi took the time to treat us to two stunning works, one a beautiful solo effort in Shoreditch and the other a superb collaboration with Himbad and Alice Pasuini in Camden Town (covered here).

Her work has certainly left a lasting impression on us with her ethereal images depicting warm and striking scenes of natural beauty. Often focusing on a minimalist setting and a restricted colour palette her characters and scenes are so soft yet at the same time so cleanly constructed, offering such a sense of depth and wonderment, however for us her works are primarily defined by her beautiful shades and fades in her work. Certainly an artists we very much to see visit London again in the future, but in the meantime you can enjoy the beautiful works she has placed up this last week in London, we know we have.


Marina Zumi at work in Shoreditch.


Absouletly stunning work by Marina Zumi on Great Eastern Street.








Stunning soulful work from Alice Pasquini, Himbad and Marina Zumi in Camden Town. The work presents a stunning fusion of styles all set to the same minimalist colour palette which expresses itself through the levels of transparency and shading, with Africa providing the theme to this striking piece. Alice Pasquini on the left has painted a soulful portrait of a young girl, often the key focus in her works, sat alongside a powerful cheetah, seemingly acting as protector of the girl. They are both set amid the same calm and minimalist backdrop of the African plains in the rest of the work, with Himbad’s background style offering texture to the traditional dynamic in Marina Zumi’s landscapes of mist-ridden mountains, which along with the trees really create a sense of depth to the scene. Both Himbad and Marina Zumi provide a pair of Desert Foxes, very much in their own style, yet sitting so well together, Himbad’s fox has those classic all absorbing eyes that define his characters and the cheeky tongue out that is very much pure Himbad. Marina Zumi’s fox really adds a sense of movement within the scene, and despite the cold colours really has a sense of soft warmth about it’s ethereal presence.


Work Himbad & Marina Zumi.


Work by Marina Zumi.


Detail of work by Marina Zumi.


This work was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.

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