Gregos Returns To London 2015

Last week French installation based Street Artist Gregos arrived in London for a whistle-stop visit and hit up several of his newest works, with a twist in approach, around Shoreditch. We have found four of the new pieces and if anyone knows of any we have missed, please let us know. The new works are interesting for their depiction in the form of a balloon. with the trademark faces surrounded with a paste-up to make the face the centre of the balloon. You can view our post on Gregos’ previous visit to London from March 2015 (covered here).


The first work from Gregos in Rivington Street, Shoreditch.



Work by Gregos in Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.


Work by Gregos in Shoreditch High Street.


Work by Gregos in Shoreditch High Street, with the highlight from his recent flying visit. featuring 4 of his trademark faces, each displaying a different expression covering the full array of emotions to be seen in the many faces of Gregos. This is also the most elaborate work from Gregos we have yet to see in London.









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