New Sterling & Samer Collaboration Graffiti In Croydon

On Friday whilst we here at London Calling Blog were traveling through Croydon we decided to take a visit just behind the Arts Quarter to see how the recently acquired Legal Walls (or in this case, hoardings), which have replaced the legal painting spots in the adjacent Arts Quarter, were coming along.

While we saw a few interesting works along the hoardings it was the work-in-progress from Sterling & Samer, who were out painting there third collaboration from the last couple of weeks, that really caught out eye. The lengthy work is a superb piece of Graffiti, something we aren’t normally as focused on, but felt this was certainly worth sharing. Fusing Sterling’s trademark flowing letters, on this occasion set to a washed-out grey-scale palette, with Samer-s larger than life realistic character, on this occasion a chameleon that is set along the end of Sterling’s tag. The work is tied together with the plant-life driven scenic background and shadows that make for the background and surrounding scene, which really add as sense of depth to the piece and enhance the almost 3D element of the Chameleon and the ‘G’ in the tag. In all the piece sets to combine into a tranquil feast for the eyes, offerin something for fans of typography and imagery alike, and is certainly one of the best pieces of Graffiti we have seen this year around London.



Samer & Sterling at work.


Sterling & Samer at work.


The superb finished work.




Detail of work by Sterling.


Detail of work by Sterling.


Detail of work by Samer..


Detail of work by Samer.


Detail of work by Samer.



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