Mexican Street Artist Said Dokins Hit London

Over the last couple of weeks London has played host to Mexican based artist Said Dokins, who was over as part of a contributory artist to a group show at the Hoxton Gallery, comprising works from four visiting Mexican artists, which runs until Sunday. Whilst over visiting London, Said Dokins has also managed to hit up two works, with the first work tucked away in Camden Town and the second on Hanbury Street at the heart of Brick Lane. Said Dokins in his artistic output draws upon various mediums such as graffiti, calligraphy, performance art, installation pieces and video art. In the process using the city as his area of operations, finding countless ways with which to connect with people and share the message of his works.

Both pieces consist of Calligraphy presented in a series of concentric circles, kept to simple colour palettes of 5-6 colours. The measurements and spacing in the works is perfectly uniform and creates a really absorbing effect when viewed. Both of the pieces have been created as a touching tribute in order to mark the one year anniversary of the abduction and subsequent disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa teacher’s college in the Mexican state of Guerrero, which was last week. Both of these works were created with support from Global Street Art as part of their ongoing Walls Project.


Said Dokins first work, placed up in Camden Town.










Said Dokins second work entitled ‘Alive’, placed up in Hanbury Street, just off of Brick Lane. 


We especially love the metallic chrome colours incorporated into the text, displaying a strong link to his graffiti roots.







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