New Phlegm Street Art In Herne Hill

Over the course of last weekend Street Artist Phlegm was at work in Herne Hill on his newest London work and additionally the latest work to have been curated by the Dulwich Picture Gallery. This stunning and surreal took some two days to create, quite a feat considering it’s size, however not that large when put into the context of scale for some works Phleghm has thus far created around the globe.

This work which is very much fundamentally Phlegm in appearance is inspired by an M.C. Esher lithograph entitled ‘Bond of Union’, who is currently the subject of the latest feature exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. M.C. Esher is a Dutch graphic designer most famous for his so-called impossible constructions, for example presenting scenes depicting ascending and descending relativity and explorations of concepts of infinity through architecture. These scenes of impossible senses of reality make Phlegm the perfect choice for such a tribute driven scene as his works depict Gothic characters who generally inhabit scenarios between the Dark Ages and the Age of Enlightenment and are often engaging in thankless tasks and striving for scientific advancements and technological breakthroughs in his own slightly surreal way. This impressive work can be found along Dulwich Road, just next to Herne Hill train station.












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