New Spear Street Art In The West End

Nearly two weeks ago now, London received a visit from Belgian Street Artist Corentin Binard, aka Spear, who spent some three days laying out an incredible photo-realistic painting in the West End of London. This work is somewhat off the beaten track and can be found in Newman Passage near to Goodge Street. The piece, due to the nature of its location in an alleyway, or passage as the case is, has proven a challenge to photo and we have been by three times now at different times of day and hope to get better images soon, however in the meantime these will have to suffice and if you can, be sure to head along to see this incredible work for your self.

Spear has an educational background in architecture, which enabled his sense of proportion and matter in his work, before ultimately leading to experimentation with a broad range of mediums and styles before arriving at his preference for creating murals on a large and public scale. It is through Spear’s playing with light, contrast and color tones that he gets to give his portraits the realism of a photograph, in the case of this piece just look to the details around the eyes, just incredible.

The piece entitled ‘Self-Censorship’ depicts a a photo-realistic portrait of a woman holding a $100 bill across her mouth, purchasing her complicity and silence, making for quite the statement about the way money does or in this case doesn’t talk.









6 comments on “New Spear Street Art In The West End

  1. Don’t do yourself an injustice I think most of the images are very good… I’m in London on Saturday so will have a go at snapping this artwork myself…

    • Haha, Thanks Mitch, most kind of you to say, but we feel we can do better on this piece, in the hope of doing it more justice in the process. We could be wrong, but think it would be best to catch this on very cloudy day or more ideally just before sunset.

      • I went there around 8.30am and was very impressed with the artwork indeed.. Took a few snaps myself and thought this is such a hell of a long wall to capture! Came across a b/w Endless stencil in Wells Mews just around the corner. Walking around Soho that time of the morning is quite strange as you feel the stir of London waking up for yet another hussle & bussling day ahead!!!

  2. How was the lighting at that hour? It certainly is a challenge to capture, but how good is the work? Cheers for the heads up about the Endless stencil, great to see some more art in the West End. I imagine Soho is very sombre at that hour indeed. Glad you got to see this great piece of art.

  3. The lighting was slightly misty and I also took a couple of shots in sepia.. I got one snap full length with the street sign in so I was pleased with that!.. Getting close up to the face works well. I love that tear. Hands and words are very tricky indeed.. As for street walking in Soho that early,,,,,, it’s quite pleasant really but one feels slightly norty!!!!!!

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