New Dale Grimshaw Street Art In Camden Town

Last week in Camden town, the incredible Street Artist Dale Grimshaw spent several days at work on his latest London mural. This large-scale and tucked away work is fantastic, a real delight to gaze upon, featuring Dale Grimshaw’s signature subject style, maintaining a preference for strongly tribal subjects. In this case depicting a Scottish warrior from the middle-ages, and accompanied by a classical Ancient Greek style Lion statue bursting on to the scene alongside the warrior. The detail in both subjects is stunning, the works are fused with that air-brushed effect that makes for such exquisite images, enthused with a sense of passion and depth that is fundamentally Dale Grimshaw.








5 comments on “New Dale Grimshaw Street Art In Camden Town

  1. Really worth tracking down as not on your every day find in passing!!! So pleased you posted this as I got to meet Dale himself painting a new piece just off Chalk Farm Road before I found the one above!

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