New Lilly Lou Works In London

Over the last few weeks, Typography based Street Artist Lilly Lou has been out around London’s East End, laying out two of her delightful and soft letter works, firstly in Shoreditch and secondly in Bethnal Green. Creating her trademark tricolour soft letters, her work may look easy, but we have seen this artist at work and she spends an exceptional amount of time ensuring that the letters are in perfect proportion and as demonstrated exceptionally in the ‘Knockout’ piece, that repeat letters are entirely identical. Graffiti and Typography isn’t something we are generally focused on, but it is a delight to stumble upon one of Lilly Lou’s messages.


This work ‘Knockout‘ was placed up last Sunday, In Bethnal Green, with support from The Hidden Streets Of London.



This work ‘Lilly’ was placed up a couple of weeks ago, in appropriately warm summer tones, in Willow Street, Shoreditch.


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