New Roes Work In Camden Town

Yesterday in Camden Town Street Artist Roes, from Hong Kong, laid out his first work on his most recent visit to London. The work which was organized by The Hidden Streets Of London and Monoprixx, adorns the wall of Nemesis Tattoos in Stucley Place and features a very apt subject, drawing parallels to a style very prominent and long established in tattoo culture. The piece features a rather striking grey-scale portrait of a Chinese Dragon character embraced by interwoven vibrant green vines. In Chinese culture the Dragon is a symbol of strength, power and good luck and here makes for a welcoming addition to Camden Town’s superb Street Art scene. This piece is most interesting for demonstrating a change of direction in Roes’ subjects, when last year he focused primarily on more surreal character based subjects, of which one is still to be seen on the corner of Old Street and Rivington Street (shared below).


Roes at work on his piece.


Roes at work on his piece.


The striking finished piece.





Work on the corner of Old Street and Rivington Street from 2014 and still visible.

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