Dubai Street Artist Fats Hits London

We are playing catch up here, but we really wanted to share this delighful work, which was placed up three works ago. Following her appearance at The Whitecross Street Party, Arabian Street Artist Fathima Mohiuddin, aka Fats, hit up this delightful piece, entitled ‘Don’t Forget Your Heart’, in Hanbury Street. The work was placed up predominantly over a series of three midnight sessions. Born and raised in Dubai, Fathima is of Indian origin and works from Canada. Her distinctive work is defined by her bold and intricate black line works, often accompanied by grey and red. Her work is influenced by her very own cultural ambiguity, infused with ideas on social dynamics and interactions in the city, making for her subtle abstract pieces through which Black dominates speaking for her views on the beauty of darkness. The piece was painted as a part of the Breaking Cover project for this years Shubbak Festival, London’s premier festival dedicated to Arab culture.








Fats work from The Whitecross Streeet Party.

2 comments on “Dubai Street Artist Fats Hits London

  1. Nice article, brings back memories of the Whitecross street party. Can’t believe it was nearly a month ago.

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