Noriaki Hits London 2015

Last week prolific and almost maniacal Polish Street artist Noriaki returned to London ahead of his exhibition at Number 90, Hackney Wick, which we will be sharing with you soon. Whilst about town Noriaki has set to doing that which he does best, embarking in a frenzy of character creations around London. Anyone familiar with London’s Street Art scene will be undoubtedly aware of his distinct and mischievous character, entitled ‘The Watcher’, which can be seen where people have painted or tagged, in many instances painted to tie in with existing pieces. His character is fun loving and seems to exist parallel to Noriaki’s very output, often seen running around or flying about. If you are about London’s East End, among other places, keep your eyes peeled and you will be sure to see many of the characters about your travels. Here are the ones we have seen over the last mere four days.  


Character added aloft work by Anat Ronen.

Work in Rivington Street.


Work alongside Himbad in Rivington Street.


Work alongside Himbad in Rivington Street.


Sticker placed up in Old Street.


Fresh addition to work in Old Street.


Work in Bethnal Green Road.


Work in Brick Lane.


Work in Grimsby Street.


Work in Grimsby Street.


Work in Grimsby Street.


Work in Grimsby Street.


Work just off Commercial Street.


Work in Hackney Wick.


Work in Hackney Wick, aside work from Someart.


Work in Hackney Wick.


Work in Seven Sisters.


Work in Seven Sisters.


Collaboration work with Seeds One & Pang.

3 comments on “Noriaki Hits London 2015

  1. So glad you’ve featured Noriaki. I spent ages last year working out who created those little creatures. They’re fab. I saw his addition to Anat Ronan’s cat yesterday and thought it was perfect. And thanks for heads up on his exhibition. I will pop along later.

    • Agreed Tanya, we were in the same situation with identifying this artist last year. We also love his delightful characters and felt it was only right to share something which so immediately becomes a major sight on London’s Street Art scene. Finally the addition to Anat Ronen’s cat is still our favourite, having sited many more the last week.

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