Puerto Rican Street Artist Ana Marietta Hits Brick Lane

Over the course of Friday and Saturday London was lucky enough to receive a visit from Puerto Rican, but Houston based, Street Artist Ana Marietta was at work on Pedley Street, just off of Brick Lane, on the now iconic feature wall of the Kinkao restaurant. Working with the most prevalent subject in her works, namely hyper realistic Gannets, on this occasion in a rather surreal piece where the birds are being devoured by fish, in a bizarre reversal of life roles. The work which was painted entirely by brush is so gripping, mostly due to the intensity depicted in the gannets eyes, that seem to be staring straight into you as you stand before the striking work. Ana Marietta was brought over to London by JustKids, and we for one here at London Calling Blog hope she returns to London to paint soon, what a work indeed.


Ana Marietta at work on Friday.


Initial outlines for the right hand side of the work.


Ana Marietta at work on Saturday.


Ana Marietta at work on Saturday.


The awesome finished work.






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