New Irony Work At Nelson Dock

Throughout the course of Saturday Street Artist Irony was at work alongside Airborne Mark on a project in Nelson Dock, London’s last remaining dry dock, making for one of the most unusual settings in which we here have seen Street Art created and also certainly offering the one of the best scenic views to us in the process.


For this project Irony decided to go with a recurring theme in his work, the red-headed female portrait, presented in his distinctly hyper-realistic style, which really sets to bring his subjects to life, as you can see for you self in this piece. What was most interesting about getting the chance to spend the day watching Irony paint was being afforded the opportunity to see how his works are built up steadily until in the final stages the character is brought to life, and we hope here we can offer you a snapshot into this process. The works were created on some boards that will be hung in the dry dock as part of a set of some five works in total and will be a part of the plans by the adjoining hotel to turn this listed area into an events location.












Work-in-progress approaching the final stages of the days work.


The incredible finished work after the days work.


You can view our post on the work created alongside this great piece by Airborne Mark (Covered Here).

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