New Collaboration From Morgazmik & Vesna Parchet In Croydon

A couple of weeks back in Croydon’s Arts Quarter a delightful collaboration was placed up by Morgazmik & Vesna Parchet, both members of the Mine Sweeper Collective. The piece makes for an colourful and interesting collaboration with a lot going on and incorporating two rather diverse styles. Morgazmik working to his distinctive organic and fluid abstract based design accompanied by Vesna Parchet’s Kabuki inspired character work, making for an all round cohesive pairing. We were fortunate enough to catch Morgazmik working on this impressive piece and its great to see his further involvement in the Street Art that has been placed up in Croydon thus far this year, with this making for the fourth work he has been involved in creating in the Arts Quarter.


Morgazmik at work on his share of this collaboration.


Work-in-progress on Morgazmik’s main half of the work.



Morgazmik at work.


The complete colourful work from Vesna Parchet & Morgazmik.


Detail of Vesna Parchet’s work.


Detail of Morgazmik’s work.


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