Alexis Diaz & Elian Collaboration In Brick Lane

Over the course of three days last week Latin American duo Alexis Diaz and Elian got together to layout this superb collaboration incorporating two rather diverse styles to make an intriguing overall work. The duo were both over in London as part of their inclusion in the MYA Gallery group show exhibition ‘Entre Muros’ and couldn’t pass up the chance to get together on this prime wall in Hanbury Street. Alexis Diaz from Puerto Rico paints in a very fine art styling, with extremely intricate and detailed work which is very much Alexis Diaz, whilst Elian from Argentina paints in an Abstract styling. So for this piece Elian laid out a bright and multi-coloured abstract background for Alex Diaz’s centre piece of the eye-bearing heart with an arrow striking through it and the end result is superb, you can certainly see why the piece took over two days, with Elian laying out some loose outlines on Wednesday and the duo returning on Friday and Saturday to complete the work, leaving an excellent addition to Hanbury Street superb Street Art.   


Elian priming the work on Wednesday.


Alexis Diaz very early on his piece on Friday with Elian working on his surrounding work.


Alexis Diaz at work with his tiny brush for the very fine lines.


Elian at work on Friday.


Alexis Diaz at work at the most intricate centre piece of his work.



Alexis Diaz & Elian work with a little help from Chilean Artist Inti, also over for the MYA Gallery’s ‘Entre Muros’.


Alexis Diaz at work.


Work-in-progress Friday evening.


Work-in-progress Saturday morning.


Work-in-progress Saturday morning.


Work-in-progress Saturday evening.


Alexis Diaz still very much hard at work on Saturday evening.


The excellent finished piece.





Detail of Alexis Diaz’s extremely intricate work.

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