New Mehdi Ghadyanloo Work In Dulwich

Iranian artist Mehdu Ghadyanloo is back in London and has thus far laid out this tuning work in Dulwich, on Kinsale Road, as a part of the continuing Baroque The Streets Project, in association with the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s work is very much influenced by Surrealism and Symbolism and through this he sets to create playful and fantasy motifs to generate his own distinct utopia on the walls of his city. His murals reflect the surroundings and immediate environment, in Tehran he sets through his work to forego political commentary and focuses on the dreams and imagination, aspects of the self that permeate all cultures, politics and religions, a universal component in humanity. That is exactly what Mehdi has recently done in Dulwich. This piece is just absorbing, as is the case with the three previous works from Mehdi put up in February, with his excellent technique of depth perception and shadow work, we could stare at this piece for ages and are delighted his work has found a more permanent home in London for the time being.





One comment on “New Mehdi Ghadyanloo Work In Dulwich

  1. This extraordinary trompe l’oeil wall by Mehdi is part of Dulwich Outdoor Gallery, the now 3 year project where street artists from all over the world have been to Dulwich Picture Gallery and chosen one work from their amazing Baroque collection to use as a starting point for a wall in the area. Mehdi chose a painting by Tenirs the Younger, ‘A Castle and its Proprietors’ painted somewhere between 1640 and 1660. You can see that he has taken the well heeled couple, the scruffy old man and the dog and reproduced them exactly, but on differing scales, in his fantasy architecture. He has created a narrative where the old man has seen the hole in the wall that shows the sky (the route to heaven?) and is pointing it out to the couple. They are not in the least bit interested in this glimpse of salvation, but the dog, writ large, is gazing to where the man is pointing. He has got it.
    Dulwich Outdoor Gallery now consists of about 22 different street artists, from ROA to Conor Harrington, to Stik to JimmyC, MadC, Thierry Noir and a lot more. Here is a map showing where the other walls are and the story of the project is here on the Google Cultural Institute website.
    The outdoor gallery is expanding into Peckham and Nunhead too.

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