Louis Masai Paints For Brockley Street Art Festival

Over the last week as a part of the Brockley Street Art Festival Louis Masai has laid out two superb works for the event, with the first featuring a Tiger and the second featuring a beautiful array of bird life and bees, put up as part of an event with local school children.


This superb work can be seen in Brockley Cross and features a striking Tiger, based on work from Louis Masai’s recent ‘Batteries Not Included’ exhibition (covered here)




This stunning array of work was placed up in the playground of the Beecroft Primary School.


Some flowers and Bees placed up bu Louis Masai and pupils of the school.


A stenciled Bee placed up some of the school pupils.


Stunning work of a Eurasian Skylark.


Yellow Hammerhead accompanied by Bees from Louis Masai and pupils.


Red Backed Shirke and some accompanying Bees in this section.

3 comments on “Louis Masai Paints For Brockley Street Art Festival

  1. Stunning work as always. The birds really leap out of the blue background – also love that the children were involved in it, it’s so important that children care about endangered wildlife which I know is part of Masai’s campaign to raise awareness – where better to start than with the next generation!

  2. I’ve enjoyed his bees with Jim Vision around Hackney. And its great to know that these exquisite birds and wildlife with stay at the school for the children to enjoy.

    • Louis Masai’s woks are always a pleasure to witness, but yes his Bees with Jim Vision in the East End are superb, and yes it is great this work involved local children and hopefully helped spread the message Louis Masai offers. Thanks for your input newartrioter and tanya nash.

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