New Trust Icon ‘Head In The Clouds’ Work In Camden Town

Yesterday in Camden Town we were fortunate enough to stumble upon this delightful new addition from Trust Icon. The Piece entitled ‘Head In The Clouds’ is the first work put up by Icon since his excellent and extensive Genuine Article exhibition around London which ended a month ago now, so it’s fair to say we didn’t expect to see anything fresh from Icon for some time. However while it would of been fair for Icon to take a break after such an ambitious project, 15 pieces in 15 days, he is back out doing what he enjoys most.

As is the case with Icon’s works, he sets to capture a moment or a snapshot from his, and many peoples, childhood, combined with his own style of poignant insight or humour injected into each work, making his style his very own and his works what they are. It’s as if Icon with each piece gets to relive a moment from his youth, almost to be a child again, and in the process sets to create something which many people can relate too. In this case it’s clear to see, what did you dream of when you were a child at school, what did you think about?



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