New Street Art In Croydon

It’s been a month since we last provided a full update on the various happenings in Croydon’s Arts Quarter, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been popping by to keep abreast of the developments. In that time we have reported on the stunning work by Fio Silva (covered here) and the latest addition from Dan Kitchener (covered here), however we also have a further nine pieces to share with you. Croydon’s little Arts Quarter is evolving in to an incredible outdoor gallery, one of the finest places to see street art in London at current.


Large work from Georgie paying homage to Johnny Depp on Katherine Street.

P1140207Impressive mixture of styles in this great collaboration from Roo & SkyHigh. Love the inclusion of the Tram. In St Georges Walk.


The first of two lovely additions to the Arts Quarter from Polish artist Van Dali.


The second of two lovely additions to the Arts Quarter from Polish artist Van Dali. This is our favourite of the two, superb colour palette. 


Argentinan artist Fio Silva at work on Park Street.


Stunning addition to Croydon’s Arts Quarter from Fio Silva.


Impressive multi-dimensional work from Eska on Katherine Street.


Bright and organic work from Morgazmik on Katherine Street.


Dan Kitchener returned for Round 3 and added his latest addition to this now spectacular stretch of walls on Park Street. They really have to be seen in person to appreciate them. from across the street it appears as if you could just walk into the scenes.


Incredible third installment from Dan Kitchener in his ‘Liquid Lights’ style.


Lovely bug from Synce83.


Data created this stained glass effect work.


Abstract grey-scale mural from Soma aka Tony Driver. Nice depth to this work.


St Georges Walk full of great art as far as the eye can see.

8 comments on “New Street Art In Croydon

  1. The multi-dimensional piece by Eska is wicked! Love the smoke effect, color palette, and overall feel of the piece. Same for Morgazmik. Just a fun piece and transitions well between both contrasts.

    DanK piece, as always, just excellent. It seems he adds more to the walls, transforming into a small community within itself. I would say if I passed by this, I might also would just walk into the wall. haha! I absolutely love the effect puddles have on this piece when it rains.

    These were all great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Dood! Much o lovely appreciation for supporting the cause and updating the bright minds out there about croydon arts quarter. And thanx for the kind words about my new piece…

    Just wanted to give you a heads up crediting the last two ‘unknown artists’ ;
    the purple bumble bee piece on mad house is by my friend ‘Synce83’
    (he uses this name also on instagram if you wish to find him) but also known as ‘Meat’.
    and the autumnal pallet-ed leaf vein~stain glass window-like piece is by my friend ‘Data’.
    you can find him on instagram by searching ‘robwassart’.


    • Firstly, thanks, we intend to keep up to date with the incredible art scene emerging in Croydon and report on accordingly. Secondly you are more than welcome, great piece, can’t wait to see some more in time. Thirdly thanks so much for the information on the two ‘unknown’ artists, immensely appreciated, these two deserve proper crediting. Take it easy.

    • Thanks Maria727, good choice with Eska and Dan Kitchener pieces, and we agree, it does appear as if you could just walk straight into Dank’s walls, incredible depth. Glad you enjoyed, will certainly be lots more from Croydon coming in the future.

  3. Thanks. Will try and go on Sunday. I have mentioned it before but it is worth saying again. Your street art blogs are the best. Keep it up.
    PS By way of introduction we had a brief chat when P Don Smith was painting his his Kray twins piece in Brick Lane.

  4. You won’t be disappointed Alonzo. You are also too kind, will try to keep the good work. I do recall making your acquaintance when Paul ‘Don’ Smith was working on Brick Lane a couple of weeks back. Thanks for your input.

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