Pang At Femme Fierce Reloaded

Tonight in our Femme Fierce Reloaded feature series we have Pang. Again we are and were previously very much aware of Pang’s work ALL over London. Pang’s characters in varying degrees of depth, style and size can be spied absolutely all over London, making her one of the most prolific artists active that we have seen evidence of here at London Calling. We were lucky enough to see Pang paint a rather elaborate piece a few weeks back at Femme Fierce Croydon, which depicted a battle scene featuring her trademark characters and reminded us here of those wonderfully depicted Assyrian battle scenes from 3500 years ago. Therefore we were delighted to see this time for Leake Street Pang had decided to take her focus from a more classical era in civilization and history with the central point being a rather in depth depiction of Venus, perhaps one of the most enduring strong female characters in human history. Very apt for the occasion. The central figure of a bust of Venus made this piece very interesting, due to the fact that Pang, as far as works we have seen, tends to either paint more flat 2D characters or makes a more in depth 3D piece, this piece was interesting for us for being a mixture of the two styles. Being so fond of history here we absolutely loved the classical mythological tone about the piece. To watch her paint the first thing you would notice is how confident she seems in the process, laying out her outlines and then just building up her characters and works. I would say we can’t wait until we get to see some more of Pang’s works around London, but we are fairly confident it really won’t be long until we do. Great work Pang, was a pleasure to discuss your work and more so to see it being done.













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