Fio Silva Paints Her Second UK Wall In Turnpike Lane

Fio Silva was busy at work again yesterday with her second London wall in two days, this time in the Turnpike Lane area. The wall which was organized by the Turnpike Lane Art Group resulted in what ended up to be a kind of “post-collaboration” with UK artist ATM. When I arrived Fio had just finished her work, which she created to the left and around ATM’s previous placed work. ATM who paints endangered birds was a great choice for Fio to add her magic too, with both artists focusing on animal and natural subjects. This section of wall now offers up work from two artists who differ in styles but yet make for a great combo-piece. Great work Fio.


P1090086Fio standing happy by her completed work.



Close up of ATM’s previously created work, featuring Fio’s decorative contribution..



P1090084 - Copy


A smaller piece Fio had laid out for the Turnpike Lane Art Group’s display board.

Fio will be painting the Shoreditch Art Wall today, alongside Zina, Zabou and Lisart. Check back later to see news of the day and what is sure to be great collection of work from the four artists.

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