New Paul ‘Don’ Smith Works In The East End

Stencil artist Paul ‘Don’ Smith has certainly been busy the last couple of weeks around Shoreditch & Brick Lane. I stumbled across two recent pieces of his, with a tribute to Elvis Presley to be spied on Hanbury Street off of Brick Lane, as well as a beautiful tribute to Paris & the Mona Lisa which can be seen on Great Eastern Street to the left of the iconic Village Underground building.


Elvis Presley work to be seen on Hanbury Street.

P1060378 Paris tribute on Great Eastern Street.




To view Paul ‘Don’ Smith’s other recent works in the area, you can see his Bob Marley tribute (covered here), as well as his Valentines Day work (covered here).

One comment on “New Paul ‘Don’ Smith Works In The East End

  1. Hello. The Paris and Mona Lisa has been there for ages now. I first noticed it early in 2013, but it looked like it had been there a lot longer. Here’s my original post about it:
    However, Mr. Smith has been back sometime between the end of January and middle of March and added a portrait of Bob Hoskins above the Mona Lisa and touched up the Paris and Mona Lisa with some brighter colours. I do have a photo of this, which I’ll be posting on my blog as soon as I get around to it. 🙂

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