Iranian Artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo Hits Shoreditch

Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo was in Shoreditch over the weekend painting a piece on Saturday in Redchurch Street and a second one on Monday in Holywell Lane. I was fortunate enough to stumble across this artist, of whom I had not heard of, but was instantly impressed by what I saw. Born in Iran in 1981, Ghadyanloo worked as a farmer, before moving to Tehran and gaining a degree in Fine Art as well as an MA in Animation. Combining these two disciplines with his own approach to street art Ghadyanloo has gone on to become one of the most famous street artists in Iran.


For the past eight years Ghadyanloo has been involved with the Municipality of Tehran’s Beautification Scheme, promoting mural art in the city. For Ghadyanloo street art is the perfect means to beautify his grey and polluted city. He achieves this through the use of bright colours on a hyper-real scale to create escapist, and surreal dreamscapes in which his images portray, through the art of optical illusion, impossible scenes and feats of gravity. His work is very much influenced by Surrealism and Symbolism and through this he sets to create playful and fantasy motifs to generate his own distinct utopia on the walls of his city. His murals reflect the surroundings and immediate environment, in Tehran he sets through his work to forego political commentary and focuses on the dreams and imagination, aspects of the self that permeate all cultures, politics and religions, a universal component in humanity.


The piece on Redchurch Street.



At work in Holywell Lane on Monday.



The completed wall on Holywell Lane.





Mehdi Ghadyanloo painted these walls ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition at the Howard Griffin Gallery on Shoreditch High Street, which opens on February 26th.

4 comments on “Iranian Artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo Hits Shoreditch

  1. I gotta be honest here. I was completely blown away by this particular artist, so much so that I had to look up further. This man is just beyond superior. This man breaks barriers with his art. It’s not just art, it’s a treat for the mind, heart, and soul.
    The elements he incorporates into his work are simple, yet so imaginative and dramatic. I am absolutely infatuated with his work.

    I found a couple links about his work that you might find enjoyable:

    Great post! Thanks!!

  2. The more I see of his work, the more encapsulated I become. The video is superb thanks for sharing, his work in Tehran is just amazing, it’s a treat to have such an artist visit London and I am now really looking forward to his solo exhibition in two weeks time. I will post about when opens, I also really liked the pictures in the other link, several of the artists I’m not familiar with and always appreciate to learn more. Truely breathtaking use of 3D techniques on some impressive scales also. Glad you enjoyed the work of Mehdi Ghadyanloo.

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