New Dan Kitchener Street Art in Brick Lane

Here we are playing catch-up with a trio of works by Street Artist Dan Kitchener which were placed up along Brick Lane and Shoreditch over the last few months. The first of which titled Midnight Drive painted in Hanbury Street, along Brick Lane features a futuristic nighttime scene set in Japan comprised of a more minimalist colour pallet and with a sole female subject at the fore. The second smaller spot painted a just a couple of minutes down the road along Brick Lane proper titled Drips – London features a glimpse through a windscreen whilst driving along the motorway in the UK capital. Finally we have a classic Liquid Lights scene in Rivington Street. It’s always a pleasure to see fresh work from Dan Kitchener and of the two the Drips – London piece is our favourite, we love this style of work from Dank and it’s been some years since we saw a work in this vain from him.


Midnight Drive in Hanbury Street, Brick Lane. Put up with support from Not Banksy Forum




Drips – London in Brick Lane.





Work in Rivington Street, Shoreditch.



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