New Irony & SkyHigh Collaboration ‘Bojo’s Circus of Horrors’ in Stockwell for Halloween

Last week saw Irony and SkyHigh take to the Stockwell Hall of Fame to create a fantastic Halloween themed work, one that is not only masterfully executed, but also full of much humour, mostly due to how tragically accurate it is. The work in question features a terrifying glimpse in to the UK’s future following Brexit – until recently set to take place on 31/10/19 – with the ludicrous and horrifying Boris Johnson at the helm, so we have this Circus Poster for ‘Bojo’s Circus of Horrors’. The design features a close up of Bojo the Clown by Irony set holding a kipper in one hand – a nod to the impact Brexit may have on the fishing, seafood and aquaculture industries, or how we are about to be done up like kippers – and a banana in the other – presumably referencing the ongoing stories of the EU dictating the shape of UK bananas which was one of Boris’s examples of ways the EU is allegedly controlling the UK and apparently a good reason for the UK to leave. To the right of the depiction of Bojo the Clown is an equally impressive and well thought out set of letter works by SkyHigh with a range of styles all suited to  the particular word in question, such as the circus font for ‘Circus’ or the classic drippy font often used in the horror genre for ‘Horrors’.



Work by Irony.


Detail of work by Irony.


Work by SkyHigh.


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