New Anthea Missy Street Art in Stockwell

Here we are taking a look at a recent addition to Stockwell from French, but Belgian based Street Artist Anthea Missy placed up a couple of weeks ago. The work in question firstly makes excellent use of the space and immediate environment, factoring the door and over hanging foliage superbly into the design. Secondly the work takes are more political dynamic than anything we have ever seen in Anthea Missy’s output, with a design about Brexit. The work in question takes the subject of Brexit and places it in a frame in this case an arch, in which the character holding a crown in the open doorway marked ‘Brexit’ – Love the door in door dynamic here – represents the British embarking on a new journey. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as depicted by the blue skies in the UK’s future. On one side of the doorway the EU remains, though less complete than before as depicted by the flame on the flag. Yet the two parties are set holding hands and depicted as equals, it is only what each character holds to them that defines them. On the other side of the doorway is a more angry character, depicted smaller and offering a sense of uncertainty all round while ‘48% remain 100% Pissed About The Whole Thing’. Fair point from Anthea Missy and a very positive take on the uncertainty of what lies ahead for Britain following Brexit. This work can be found in Stockwell, and was put up with support from us London Calling Blog.











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