The ‘Animal & Creative Rights’ Exhibition in Brick Lane

Last night we were fortunate enough to attend the private viewing of the ‘Animal & Creative Rights’ group Street Art exhibition, the latest installment of initiatives for part of the ‘Takeover Collective’ curated by Artista in Brick Lane. Moving to East London this year the show had a number of objectives, firstly setting to reach new audiences among the local community who work and live in Tower Hamlets, and secondly to bring together 5 artists to raise awareness for Animal and Creative Rights justice system, through art focused on a wildlife theme. So in addition to the fantastic set of works presented by artists from London, Birmingham and South Africa the opening night saw a collection being held for the London Legal Support Trust and 25% of sales from any purchased artwork to be donated to Born Free, the international wildlife charity that supports keeping animals in the wild.


The ‘Animal & Creative Rights’ exhibition can be found at 103 Hanbury Street, along Brick Lane and runs until August 5th only, so if you haven’t already, be quick and head along to see this fantastic show for yourselves, a show which is supporting not one, but two decent causes, you won’t be disappointed.


Artista – ‘Styles Unite – Acrylic, Ink & Oil on Canvas.


Detail of work by Artista. Excellent subject matter and fusion of painting styles on this fantastic work.


Beautiful set of works by Falko1 that we just could not photograph well enough to do them justice, but well worth going to see – all four works are Spraypaint on 300gms Watercolour Paper.


Works by Falko1.


Works by Aspire & Annatomix.


Aspire – ‘Un-Shore’ – Acrylic on Canvas.


Detail of work by Aspire, with a stunning addition to the show.


Annatomix – ‘Violators will be Prosecuted’ – Emulsion & Acrylics on reclaimed materials.


Detail of work by Annatomix, who as ever always astounds us with the sheer sense of movement she captures in a still subject.


Roo – ‘There’s No Such Animal as a “Caged Bird”.’ – Acrylic & Spraypaint on Canvas. Beautiful work with a matching sentiment.

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