‘Justice for Grenfell’ Paint Jam in Stockwell

A few weeks back saw a large Paint Jam at the Trelick Tower Hall of Fame to commemorate the 72 people who lost their lives and those who survived the Grenfell Tower inferno that took place in site of the hall of fame one year previously. Getting together to paint is often a way for artists and writers to get their message across, in this instance it comes at a time not just one year from the anniversary of this tragic event but also as the enquiry into what happened gets going people want the truth to be heard and people are demanding there be some Justice For Grenfell. Unfortunately we were unable to attend this event but a group of artists also took to Stockwell a little closer to home for us over the same weekend to show their support for cause with a little Paint Jam put on by SoFly and Zone2Brixton in the Stockwell Hall of Fame which we managed to photo some of the works a few days after in order to share here.


Work by Irony & SoFly.



Works by Lifer, Glor & Chips CDSK.


Work by Lifer.




Work by Glor & Chips CDSK.


Work by Toas.



Work by ??? & Aspire.


Work by Aspire.


Work by ???

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