New Artista Street Art ‘Time Flies’ In Penge

A few weeks back saw us out and about in Penge for the 2 year anniversary since we started our community Street Art project SprayExhibition20 in Penge with Artista who painted the first work on a shutter in Maple Road. So it was most rewarding to be out painting another shutter in Penge, this time in Penge High Street, a testament to how much the town has embraced the magical transformation the artists have provided SE20 with. For the occasion Artista painted an exceptionally apt rainbow coloured sand timer character set spray painting what becomes the flowing backdrop to Artista’s vibrant floral scenes, which for this work include some delightful cacti which mark a sharp contrast with the cold weather in which the piece was placed up.

We would like to say thanks to the team at Pengetout for allowing us to get Artista to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Artista for again coming down to add another striking addition to the area.


Artista at work adding the first fills to her rainbow coloured spray painting sand timer character!


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work adding the finishing touches.


Job done, Artista signs her work.


The vibrant finished piece, a beautiful work, and fantastic to see how far the project has come since we started this in Penge some 2 years ago.







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