New Fanakapan Street Art “Follow The Leader” in Brick Lane

About a month or so back over the couple of days before Christmas Fanakapan took to Hanbury Street to paint this ever-changing wall with a one of the last works of the year for London and a piece which very much makes an apt statement about the last year some of the more absurd actions surrounding those in a position of global power. Entitled “Follow the Leader” the work focuses on the to say the least questionable following America’s current President Donald Trump has and warns of the dangers of blindly following such fanatics with a nod to the errors of the past in the centre of the work with a backwards “Trumpf” in reference to Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kempf” published prior to his rise to power and laying out a blue print for one of the worse crimes committed against humanity. Additionally the work alludes to the dangers of the present in which the leading glass wolf is walking off with the dead young of the glass dogs still following the leader. Certainly an interesting work with a widely felt sentiment and all so masterfully articulated by one of the very finest artists we get to enjoy regularly painting around London. This fantastic work was put up with support from Not Banksy Forum.







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