New Artista Street Art ‘The A Hive…’ In West Norwood

A few weeks back saw Street Artist Artista return to South London to add her latest addition to our SprayExhibition20 community projecton this occasion in a little further afield than our predominant focus on Penge and venturing into West Norwood. Taking to a rather quiet residential spot, namely Ardlui Road, Artista set to create her work entitled ‘The A Hive…’, which makes exemplary use of the lovely wooden canvas on offer. Utilizing the grain of the wood to create a Bee Hive inspired scene featuring a honeycomb setting punctuated by the accompanying bees, honey and floral additions prevalent in Artista’s Jungle scene works.

We would like to say thanks to the kind owners of Detailed Developments for allowing us to get Artista to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Artista for again coming down to to add another delightful work to South London, which really brightens up this previously Street Art free corner of town.


Artista starting out on her honeycomb based scene.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Piece finished, Artista signs her work.



The delightful finished work entitled ‘The A-Hive’ depicting a fun-fueled scene which so beautifully maintains the lovely wood canvas.







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