New Irony & Boe Street Art In Walthamstow

A couple of weeks back while Britain was being hit by Storm Dorris Street Artists Irony and Boe decided that little things like gale force winds wasn’t going to prevent them from painting one of the best works painted in London thus far this year. As always making exemplary use of the space available the pair have created a gorgeous scene depicting a larger-then-life hedgehog seemingly peering over the wall of the surface it adorns. This now makes for the second mural by this duo in the Walthamstow area and as much as we adore their first piece – a pair of foxes – this is our favourite of the two, such a fun scene so beautifully presented. This fantastic work can be found along Winn Avenue and was put up with support from Woodstreet Walls.




It is those claws that really bring the piece together and add so much life to the scene.




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