2016 – Some Of Our Favourite Pics

Short and sweet with this post with all the lengthy reviews we have and shall continue to subject you to, so here are just 16 of our favourite photos from this last year.


Portrait of Donald Trump by Furia139 which was upon completion pelted with eggs by a captive audience for our first anniversary celebrations in Shoreditch.


Dedicated attendees there until the end, watching Autone at work at the very end of our first anniversary celebrations in Shoreditch.


A touching shout out to the weekend courtesy of Oliver Roubieu.


Banksy hysteria in Knightsbridge, a friend of ours even got interviewed by the news while taking snaps.


Meeting of Styles 2016, a fantastic atmosphere, excellent art and party of the year.


Work by The Lost Souls from City of Colours in Birmingham.


Ben Wilson at work in Rivington Street.


Tagged up trains with prominent work by Flesh031 at the Village Underground in Shoreditch.


This is our favourite picture of the year, a skyline Himbad looking over Shoreditch with a train and bus to boot.


Work by Himbad posing an interesting discussion on whether Art imitates life or if life imitates Art.


Reflections of work by Dan Kitchener in Penge, great to see the reflections in his works reflecting in the rain beyond the wall.


It’s not often we go to Mile End Skate Park but sometimes you get lucky.


The light and warmth just eminating from this piece of ‘Street Heart’ by Jimmy C in Shoreditch on the cold winter nights.

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