The ‘Soho Takeover’ Street Art Group Exhibition In Soho

Last Thursday night saw the opening of the ‘Soho Takeover’ group Street Art exhibition curated by the OnArtsCollective in Soho. The show features canvases and prints from some  12 artists from Street Artists and Graffiti Writers, as well as a few paintings added to the gallery walls’ courtesy of Artista, Roo & Sterling. The show presents an eclectic range of works – most of which we are sharing below, you will have to go see most of the prints for yourself as we had trouble photoing them – from Illustration to realistic portraiture to abstract pieces as well as Graffiti based works, certainly something for everyone with a high standard represented across the diverse range of contributing artists. The ‘Soho Takeover’ exhibition can be found at 47 Poland Street in Soho and runs until November 23rd, so if you haven’t already, head along today to see the great show for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.


Delightful work by Roo painted on the gallery wall.


Work by Roo.


Very nicely presented work by Sterling.


Work by Sterling.


Striking work by from Irony.


Work by Attai.


Work by Atomik.


Vibrant work from Artista on canvas as well as on the gallery’s walls.


Work by Artista.


Work by Snub 23.


Work by Sterling.


Work by Miles Khan.


Great work from Sr.X


 ‘Smiles 4 Miles – The Colouring Book Of Hope’ – A fantastic colouring book comprising images produced by a number of Street Artists and Graffiti Writers, with pieces for all age groups, and put together by the Girls On Top Crew. For every copy sold a copy will be donated to refugees now in England having arrived from the ‘Calais Jungle’, so for a good cause and all for a bargain £5.

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