New Artista Street Art Mural In Penge

Two weekends back saw three days of beautiful sunshine providing the backdrop to a truly incredible feat of effort and beautiful results from Artista, who certainly went all out in Penge. In popular demand in the area since placing up the very first work of our SprayExhibition20 Street Art project in Penge (SE20) it seems everyone who is offering up spaces for us to paint wants Artista to brighten up their premises, its only appropriate that it was this artist who really escalated the scale of the project with this stunning and vibrant mural that just pops.

Spending some 26 hours at work over the course of the three days it’s only fair to say that Artista really went for it on this wall, especially with the dizzying heights she was working on the ladder – some 7 metres high at the top of her piece. The first day of the mammoth task saw Artista sketching out her work, before covering her entire sketch with emulsion on the second day to ensure she could make her colourful creation really bounce off of the wall and maintain the lovely remaining rustic brick work and the third day bringing a mammoth task of spraying the whole design and bringing her creation to life.

Working to her now distinct and vibrant ethos of ‘Just Bloom’ that’s certainly what this work does. We absolutely love Artista’s decision to keep so much of the lovely original brick work intermingled with her flowing design. Full of fun, life and colour this work is just an absolute pleasure to have in our local area and we consider ourselves most fortunate to be able to enjoy this beautiful sight most days now. What’s all the more exciting is that when one considers the scale of the work created, it isn’t actually finished yet, later in the year we should be afforded the chance while some construction works take place for Artista to complete the top floor of the side wall and paint the high wall on the front of the building.

It is always a pleasure to watch Artista painting, very confident in her works, they always look so crisp and clean, even whilst under construction, and this piece was no exception a real treat to witness come together, and all the more so as we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy this work every day when we head out now. The response from the local community has been overwhelmingly positive in the week since Artista hit the area with this gem, which is of the utmost importance as we expand the project for the local residents, and we have more spots lined up in which to add some colour and creativity to the area.

We would like to say a big thanks to the kind staff at the Jacks Quick Stop Shop for their immediate support to our project, allowing us to get Artista to add something so beautiful to their property and for their overwhelming help, hospitality and generosity for the entire weekend we hanging about this wall. We also would like to offer a big thanks to New Art Rioter and SpikeML for coming down and helping out on the Sunday with the ladder duties, especially as this allowed us to catch some great shots of the work underway. Last but very not least, we have to say a big thanks to Artista for coming down and really going all out in effort, time and heights to add this magical work to the area. We couldn’t be happier with the latest addition to SprayExhibition20 for us and the local SE20 community.


Artista at work on the initial sketching out on the Friday.


Artista sketching out on Day 1.


Artista mighty high up and sketching out on Day 1.


Artista sketching out on Day 1.


Artista prepping the to be painted big work by mulshing out her entire sketch.


We were delighted to receive a visit from member of the Penge Art Group who set up and produced this absolutely beautiful water colour painting of Artista at work on the second day of her three days work. Certainly the most unique work-in=progress document of a Street Art piece under construction that we have yet to see.


Artista prepping the to be painted big work by mulshing out her entire sketch.


Artista adding the first splashes of colour towards the end of Saturday.


Bright, early and back at dizzying heights up that ladder, Artista at work on the Sunday.


Artista at work on Day 3.


Artista at work on Day 3.


Artista at work on Day 3.


Artista at work on Day 3.


Artista at work on Day 3.


Artista at work on Day 3.


Artista at work on Day 3.


Artista at work on the Sunday evening.


At work finishing the piece Sunday night.


Artista finishing up on the Sunday evening by spotlight.


The stunning and vibrant finished piece alongside work from Dope.



Can you spot the awesome addition to the scene from Chinagirl Tile?




This section of the wall features the story dynamic within the work, featuring her always fun and somewhat mischievous Pyramid character trapped in a water balloon, looking longingly for its saviour, in the form of the Bee coming to its rescue, very much showing how nature should be the saviour to our follies.






Work by Artista and Chinagirl Tile.




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