Artista Rampage Around East London

Well it’s only fair to say that no artist has been as proactive as Artista of late, having hit up some twenty three works around London since the new year, including the exceptionally impressive five works we are sharing below, all placed up in a single day on Friday around the East End. This isn’t the first time we have been out and stumbled upon such a prolific flurry of activity from Artista, leaving a seemingly endless trail of vibrant colourful scenes in her wake and we are fairly certain it won’t be the last.


A Flying Toast work (Incarnation 6) in Blackall Street.


A Flying Toast work in New North Place.



Beautiful work put up at the entrance to the Nomadic Community Gardens.



A Flying Toast work behind the Nomadic Community Gardens.




Lovely work in Star Yard, we love how Artista can’t resist adding those little touches that define the setting of her works, as illustrated in this work with the central star character.



12 comments on “Artista Rampage Around East London

    • Well said New Art Rioter, it really is always a pleasure to catch Artista’s work and we have to say London has certainly been lucky of late, there is no stopping Artista at current.

  1. Mitch is of course right. I hadn’t realized it was a collaboration because I hadn’t got around to blogging it yet. I have done so now and the post is here, if you are interested.

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