Artista Kicks Off SprayExhibition20 Street Art Community Project In Penge

We have to say, we love what we do here and all the things we get to see on the streets and cover on the blog, but this work we are covering here is something we are beyond pleased to report on, and one we will never forget. Here we have the first permanent work organised by ourselves in our local area of Penge – SE20, and a beautiful work it certainly is from Artista, who kindly came down to start up our SprayExhibition20 project. We cant claim this as the first Street Art painting in the area, with a delightful work from Dope placed up last summer, but we do intend for this second addition to the area to be the first of many more this coming year.

Shutters can be a tricky business, not suiting some artists style, but Artista didn’t let the surface show up her work, setting to create a bright and vibrant Jungle scene, complimented with a few touches just for the business in question, namely the pair of fish and the anchor, adding the nautical dynamic to her work. It is always a pleasure to watch Artista at work, very confident in her works, they always look so crisp and clean, even whilst under construction, and this piece was no exception a real treat to witness come together, and all the more so as we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy this work every day when we head out now. The response from the local community has been overwhelmingly positive in the couple of days since Artista hit the area, which is of the utmost importance as we expand the project for the local residents, and we have more spots lined up in which to add some colour and creativity to the area.

We would like to say a big thanks to the kind staff at Nemo’s Fish and Chip Shop for their immediate support to our project, allowing us to get Artista add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Artista, someone whose art we have long admired, for coming down to add this delightful work which really brightens up the road. We couldn’t be happier with Artista being the artist to kick off SprayExhibition20 for us and the local SE20 community in such style.


The blank shutter, awaiting some colour and beauty courtesy of Artista.


Artista laying out the first outlines of paint along Maple Road.


Artista at work on the initial outlines.


Artista at work.


The first spots of colour making an appearance.


Base colours going strong by now.




The work really coming together now.




The white highlights are really bringing the piece together now.





Artista adding some of the final touches.


Work done, Artista signs her name.


The lovely finished piece.


So warm and vibrant, a beautiful addition to the local area.






A glimpse of how much brighter this tiny corner of South London now looks.

6 comments on “Artista Kicks Off SprayExhibition20 Street Art Community Project In Penge

  1. Well done ! Fantastic way to kick start your project in this area, no doubt it will be successful! Can’t wait to see other artists joining in !

  2. Love her artwork and this one brightens up the street for sure.. Hope to get down to explore Penge quite soon.. Do I take the London Overground to Penge West?.. The next stop on is Anerley and I can recommend The Anerley Arms as a truly unspoilt gem of a pub right next to the station!! Looking forward to seeing more from this project..

    • We can see why you love her artwork Mitch, and this lovely work certainly brightens up the area. Not much up in the area at current, but we are very much hoping to change that soon This work is closer to Anerley on the Overground line, should you pass by soon. Sunday is best as shop is closed then. Thanks for the support Mitch.

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