New Artista Street Art ‘R U Jealous’ On The Jealous Gallery Roof

It’s a new month and yet again the Jealous Gallery has a new piece on their roof’s feature wall as a part of the ongoing Jealous Rooftop Mural Project, which just goes from strength to strength as the months pass. Between this work and the last work which had a month residence, there was a piece placed up by Jobs for a three day period (covered here), making this work from Artista the second piece of 2016 on this rooftop wall and number seventeen for this wall in total. Artista is certainly proving herself a force to be reckoned with so far in 2016, with this work marking her ninth piece this year in London. We have to say its hard for us to choose our favourite from her recent prolific output, it has to be said that this work really stands out for it’s concept and use of space.

Working for two days over the course of Sunday and Monday on the wet and windy rooftop feature wall, Artista set to create a work that would only truly be completed when viewed from across the street, fusing with the sign aloft the Jealous rooftop. Her work featuring a bottle character set amid a classic Artista vibrant and lush jungle setting and overlaid with the letters ‘R’ & ‘U’ which when viewed from across the street leave the viewer seeing “R U Jealous”. We have seen some sixteen works up on this feature wall and this is certainly the most creative use of the space and immediate surroundings setting to really make the wall and its message apart of the skyline. It is always a pleasure to watch Artista at work, very confident in her works, they always look so crisp and clean, even whilst under construction, and this piece was no exception a real treat to witness come together.

We always consider ourselves fortunate enough to be let up on the roof by the kind staff of the Jealous Gallery and capture the works from this project to share with you all, but on this occasion we would like to thank Artista and the Jealous Gallery for allowing us to document the whole process. You can additionally view our post on all of the Jealous Rooftop Mural Project walls from 2015 (covered here).


Artista at work laying down the first line of the work on Day 1.


Artista at work.


Artista at work on the initial letters that define the message of the work to follow.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work towards the end of her first days work on the piece.


Artista starting out work on Day 2.


Artista at work across the street, now you can see what the ‘R’ & ‘U’ are for.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work on her main character for the work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work. We think this is a superb work-in-progress, offering a rather different backdrop to our regular photos of artists at work, however we also feel this acts as a sad statement on the Street Art scene in Shoreditch, increasingly in the shadow of the continued expansion of the City of London, soon to be swallowed up and disappear.


Artista at work and almost finished.


Adding the finishing touches, Artista signs her work.


Despite it’s isolated location, everyone was queuing up to get a photo of this delightful finished work.


The vibrant finished piece.


We love how the letters really pop from Artista’s distinctly happy and flowing jungle scenery.







The superb finished work as it was intended to be seen, ‘R U Jealous’. By far the most creative use of this feature wall we have yet to see and for that reason, currently our favourite from this superb project the Jealous Gallery is running.








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