New Artista Street Art In Tooting

This evening we are back in Tooting, an area that is currently undergoing a colourful transformation due to the great work of The Real Art of Street Art and Irony, who have set to start decorating the Tooting Market and it’s surrounding walls with a series of beautiful murals. The project may be pretty fresh but it is already coming into its own, with there currently being some twelve works already to be seen in the area and nine of those put up since the new year. We have already reported on Airborne Mark’s Tooting work (covered here) as well as the works in the area by Fanakapan (covered here), Louis Masai (covered here), Oliver Roubieu (covered here), and Irony (covered here), however here we are looking at the latest work in Tooting by Artista, put up two weekends ago now and located on the shutters inside Tooting Market.

Artista has certainly being prolific so far in 2016, with this work marking her sixth work this year, and she has already hit up two more in the last week and a half. This work also marked a first for us here at London Calling Blog in regards to Artista’s work, with her use of letters as her focus. Decked out in her distinct, vibrant and all-round happy jungle motif, the shutters spell out OAC for OnArtsCollective (pronounced OAK), a project which Artista is spearheading and set to encourage people through to get in touch with their creative sides through a range of activities such as workshops with artists and the public and open days over the course of the year in South London. There are a few shutters now painted in Tooting Market, with many more set to follow in the coming weeks, as well as the increasing number of high quality murals appearing around the market itself, as these developments unfold we will be keeping tabs and reporting here.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


The vibrant finished work.


Detail of Shutter 1.


Detail of Shutter 2.


Detail of Shutter 3.


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