New Artista & Attai Street Art In The East End

Last Friday saw the creation of two delightful Street Art collaborations from Artista and Attai in the East End, with one new work in Bethnal Green and one in the Nomadic Community Gardens, behind Brick Lane. Artista is proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with this new year, having already hit up some five works in the first couple of weeks of 2016, around East and South London. Adversely it has been some time since we have sighted some fresh works from Attai, but we have to say this duo make a fantastic pairing to collaborate. Both working with illustrative themed styles the pair blend their paintings seamlessly, with both of the works put up on Friday featuring a central A Flying Toast character from Artista surrounded by Attai’s houses. These pieces also represent the first Street Art collaboration works we have seen in London this year and what a great way to start it.


Work along Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green.





Work in the Nomadic Community Gardens.


This is our favourite of the two collaborations, the higher density of Attai’s houses create a larger sense of depth nehind Artista’s lush A Flying Toast character. Additionally the bricks on the wall really add some texture to the piece and very much suit Attai’s subject.


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