New Artista Street Art In Croydon

On Tuesday this week we were fortunate enough to be invited along to Croydon by Artista who hit out a delightful work marking her 102nd A Flying Toast work in London. At work on St Georges Walk in Croydon’s Arts Quarter, Artista set to complete a section of wall on which she had placed up one of her Bottle characters set to some lush vegetation, by adding a central A Flying Toast character, which is in turn flanked on the right but some of Artista’s all-seeing flowers. We love how the eyes in some of Artista’s work give the sense of the wall watching you and not you it.This marks the first A Flying Toast work from Artista in Croydon, having painted two works in the Arts Quarter since the project began in late 2014, additionally this piece represents her 102nd A Flying Toast in London as a whole.

We may only be two odd weeks in to 2016 but it has to be said that Artista has been on a campaign to kick off the year in style, hitting up some four works in the last fortnight, with her piece placed up in Hackney Road on the 2nd of January (covered here), this work in Croydon and two collaboration works with Attai in the East End on Friday, which we will be sharing with you soon. It is always a pleasure to catch Artista’s work about town, awith her works offering a sense of calm and happiness about her delightful characters and bright vibrant scenes.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work, we still love the hand painted work on her jacket.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Artista at work adding the final outlines


The delightful finished piece, and finally Artista’s A Flying Toast have hit Croydon.




A context shot to illustrate how much this colourful and fun-fueled work brightens up this little section of the Croydon Arts Quarter.

3 comments on “New Artista Street Art In Croydon

  1. Quite a star is Artista… Lets send a toast to more of her work this year.. I saw her self portrait of eating toast in Brixton a couple of days ago and that reminded me how hungry I was to see more this year.. Artista had a great year in 2015 and it’s good to see her starting so well with this her second piece already in the bottle for 2016…

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