New Artista Street Art In Hackney Road

Well it was quite the start to the New Year for us here at London Calling Blog, capturing Dan Kitchener at work on New Years Day, and Artista & Annatomix working on the 2nd. Hitting up some of the first works of 2016 in London Artista and Annatomix were out on Hackney Road to lay out individual works side by side, in the process really leaving their mark on these hoardings.

For her first piece of 2016 Artista opted to go with her now trademark Flying Toast character, on this occasion set to a tri-colour palette of shades of green, blue and pink, set to a grey-scale background depicting a wood grain pattern, which make the colour on her Toast piece pop. It is always a pleasure to catch Artista at work  and a delight to capture her first Flying Toast creation of the new year, very much one of the most interesting characters you will find around London. This work was put up with support from Art Under The Hood. 



Artista at work.


Artista at work.


Love the detail in this painted addition to Artista’s rain jacket.


Artista & Annatomix at work.


Artista & Annatomix at work.


Artista at work.


The delightful finished piece.


A pair of fresh new works from Artista & Annatomix to kick-off the new year.



One comment on “New Artista Street Art In Hackney Road

  1. I saw theses from the top of a bus in the dark as I was on my way to the reveal exhibition and did not have time to get off and snap them… But I will get back there hopefully before they go!!

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